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Welcome to our online tai chi shop

Hi, This shop has been set up to sell our DVD's and Books Plus we have also been asked if friends and family can buy lessons as gifts so I've added that too.


You can click on each item and add to cart so you can pay at the end of your selection. You can pay via credcard or debitcard using Paypal which is complete safe and free for you to use.


Inside the UK

All DVD's and books include free shipping within the UK


Outside the UK

Please note if you are outside the United Kingdon you will need to add a one off payment of £5 to cover additional shipping costs. This is a single payment regardless of if you buy one product or many. If you are unsure please contact us to check.

For additional international £5 postage click button.


What we sell


Gift of 5 lessons

You can buy a block of 5 lessons for any of our weekly classes for £25. If you would like more please ask



DVD collection

Our DVD's range from health & well-being through to tai chi weapons as we cover all aspects of tai chi chuan and ci-kung. If you would like more details of any specific titles please contact us.

Video clips can be seen on our videos page http://www.kaiming.co.uk/videos.html and youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/kaimingtaichi


Tai Chi and Chi-kung for Chronic Conditions £18 in FREE P&P in the UK

 tai chi for Chronic Conditions


Seated Tai Chi and Chi-kung £18 in FREE P&P in the UK

seated tai chi


Tai Chi Chi-kung (2nd 18 shibashi) rare training DVD of 2nd 18 Shibashi. The 2nd set is more active and challenging than the well known 1st set so is a natural progression. You can see the set on out videos page. £18 in FREE P&P in the UK

2nd 18 chi-kung


Tai Chi fan as developed by Grand-Master Tan Ching Ngee of Singapore as he felt most tai chi fan forms being practiced were actually WuShu rather than tai chi. £20 in FREE P&P in the UK

tai chi fan


Cheng Man Ching 37 step form. DVD includes detailed form instruction plus Huang Shen Shyan's 5 loosening exercises and sample martial applications. £18 in FREE P&P in the UK

Cheng Man Ching form


Tai Chi walking stick form and staff forms £20 in FREE P&P in the UK

stick and staff


Tai Chi straight-sword (Jen) and Broad-sword (Dao). DVD includes both training forms and complete forms:

13 sword secrets, 54 step straight-sword and 32 step broad-sword. £20 in FREE P&P in the UK

tai chi swords



"View from the back of the class" is a collection of works by instructors and students. Inclduing are some really funny cartoons of the form too. For a sample chapter and index of contents please click here. Both Volumes are available in paperback direct from us and Kindle format on Amazon. For more information or email us

Paperback versions are £15 each or £25 for both (includes FREE P&P in UK). Volume 3 will be available later in 2016

view from the back of the class


students confessions vol.2

Buy Volume 1 and 2 for special package price of £25 ***


Volume 3 is currently available on Kindle and will be available in Paperback December 2017

slowly slowly catch a monkey





Kai Ming Club T-shirt

The t-shirts are red with black printing or Grey with Black printing as shown below.

They come in sizes from Small through to XXL and are £15 including FREE postage in te UK

tai chi t-shirts


Shop update coming soon, please contact us for more details...



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We also have tops for Painting the Rainbow Tai Chi which are available via the PtR shop. Click here

Painting the Rainbow Tai Chi tops


Advanced training dates released for 2022



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